Telescopic Forklift Training – 27th April – 1st May 2015

We are looking at running a Telescopic forklift course, and have provisionally set for 27th April – 1st May 2015 as the dates where the course will run. The course content for this course is outlines below, and will be accreddited by ITSSAR.

Current Legislation – (HASAWA 1974 / PUWER 1998 / LOLER 1998 / ACOP L117)
Delegates issued with an operators handbook
Operator safety video(s) – (Correct approach – Electricity on site)
Pre Use Checks & Maintenance (Record Keeping and Reporting)
Introduction to the machine and it’s controls
Starting / Stopping
Observational Techniques
Basic Steering & Steering in Confined Spaces
Approaching a Load to Pick Up & Place
Bulk Stacking
Loading & Unloading a Vehicle
Place & Retrieve a Load, Low level – Eye Level – High Level
Theoretical Test
Practical Test

This course is suitable for delegates who are required to safely operate a telescopic lift truck within the scope of any working activity they are employed to carry out.

Course duration

Novice(No or little experienced)
Up to 3 delegates over 5 days

Exisiting / Experienced(Confident with the use of a telescopic forklift, understands all of the controls & gauges)
Up to 3 delegates over 3 days

Refresher(Copy of current/expired certificate required)
Up to 3 delegates over 1 day