Bradley Stokes plays for Bradley Stoke Town FC

Bradley Stokes is HL Training Services newest team member, having joined HL in August 2018. Since then, Bradley has helped not only with our existing customers, but with finding new customers too. He’s even become a hit away from HL Training – having joined Bradley Stoke Town FC – that’s right, the same team name as his actual name.

Having moved to Bristol for University, Bradleys job search led him to HL Training and living locally to Bradley Stoke, he was intrigued to see if they had a football team. Thats where Bradley Stoke Town FC came into the equation, who play in the 14th tier.

The story was released over the weekend, and has since seen a lot of media attention over social media including Neil Maggs of Bristol Post, Ladbrokes, FootyAccumulators & BBC Sport.

IT HAS ALSO GONE INTERNATIONAL – See the DUTCH Version on the story below;