IPAF Training

We are now proud to be able to offer IPAF Accredited training for multiple categories of IPAF courses. We offer this service either on our customers site, or at an IPAF Accredited Training Centre with the course being undertaken by an IPAF Accredited Instructor.


We have a strict policy for onsite IPAF training, which are all outlined below.

Parking : Our Instructor must have parking available on-site

Training Room : 240 Volt Power Supply, table for Instructor to set up projector, laptop and screen or wall suitable for projection. Adequate ventilation/heating, adequate seating and desk space for each candidate. Pens and Paper. Toilet Facilities. Have refreshments been arranged for candidates and Instructor.

Equipment : You will need to supply suitable and sufficient equipment/machines with a current 6 monthly LOLER certificate for the MEWP. Has the MEWP been checked by a competent person to ensure it is physically sound and operates correctly. Has the MEWP been checked to ensure the Platform is free of debris, controls panels checked to ensure that they are legible. Make sure MEWP is fully charged/fuelled and keys available. Manufacturer’s instruction manual present with the MEWP, are there suitable harness anchor points on the MEWP.

Practical Training Area : Do you have an area to do the practical training (this should be adequate for training on most MEWPs).

Must be cordoned off from pedestrian/vehicular traffic, plus a suitable workface target at a minimum of 75% of MEWP max platform height. Area must be free of debris and overhead hazards such as craneage. Must be available for the whole afternoon without interruption and be quiet so the instructor can be heard.

Trainee Requirements : Home Address, Date Of Birth, any previous PAL Card.

PPE Required by Trainees : Warm Clothing, Hard Hat, Safety Boots, Full Body Restraint Harness and Lanyard (Course Dependant).

Risk Assessment : A Risk Assessment will need to be carried out with particular reference to the ground for the practical training area against; Maximum Working Mass/ Maximum Point Pressure/Distributed Load (whichever is relevant) of the MEWP to be used. Nearest First Aid.

Declaration: All IPAF Training courses will be undertaken at an IPAF Accredited Training Centre by IPAF Accredited Instructors