Skip Lorry Training Course

What Is A Skip Lorry?

A skip lorry is a specialised vehicle with a vehicle-mounted skip loader system. This loader system is integrated into the road vehicle and efficiently picks up a waste skip from the rear of the vehicle at ground level. The skip loader places the skip onto the carrying chassis for transport and delivery. The process involves lifting the skip using chains that are connected to a hydraulically operated structure.

Additionally, this system is designed to tip the skip and discharge the contents of the container as needed. The entire mechanism is powered by hydraulics, generated by a pump connected to the vehicle’s engine through a power take-off. This system enables the efficient and safe handling of waste skips for transportation and waste disposal.

Skip Loader

Skip Lorry Training Course Content

Our comprehensive skip training is designed to equip you with the essential skills for safe and effective operation. This course encompasses several critical areas, including a strong focus on safety regulations, pre-use inspections, and maintenance practices to prevent accidents or breakdowns and keep you safe. We cover the full range of operations so you can use skip lorries fully and efficiently. 

Skip Lorry Training Course Overview

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction; safety information, outline of training course, course timetable, certification
  • Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 & relevant legislation
  • Operator’s Safety Code
  • Introduction to the vehicle-mounted skip loader, its controls and instruments
  • Set up for unloading or loading operations
  • Pre-use inspection and take-over maintenance
  • Operation of all controls through full cycle (no load)
  • Unload and load an unladen container
  • Discharge bulk material by tipping
  • Clearing up the work area and preparing for travel
  • Basic Test of Operating Ability including Pre-Use Check, Theory Test and Practical Test

Skip Lorry Training Course Timings

We offer skip lorry training courses for operators with various levels of experience. Our courses cater to both novice and experienced operators and are conducted on-site at your location. The duration of these courses ranges from 1.5 to 2 days, depending on the number of candidates.

Skip Lorry Refresher Training

If you’ve already completed skip lorry operator training but want to refresh your knowledge and ensure you adhere to the highest safety standards, we offer a 1-day refresher course. This course is also conducted at your location.

Skip Lorry Operator Conversion Course

We provide a one-day skip lorry conversion course for those who have successfully completed our hook lift operator training. This course builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired in the hook lift course, avoiding retreading ground and saving you time and money. It is a great way to expand your capabilities as an operator and upskill your workforce.

Join Our Skip Lorry Training

Elevate your business operations by integrating skip lorries – enrol in our skip lorry operator training. 

To discover more about our training or how skip lorries can enhance your business, get in touch with our accredited trainers. For more ways to improve on-site safety and expand your team’s capabilities, explore our diverse selection of forklift training courses.

Skip Driver Training FAQs


Does the skip training allow me to drive the truck?

This vehicle mounted skip loader course is designed to train the operator in operating the equipment only. It is not designed to train the operator to drive or manoeuvre the vehicle, nor is it in any way designed to meet the standards of the LGV Driving Test.

What are skips used for?

Skips are generally used for bulk refuse, builders’ waste, etc.