Electric Overhead Gantry Crane Training

Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane Training Accreddited by ITSSAR at Customers’ Warehouse

Overhead Crane Training Course Modules

HSE regulations
Employer and employee responsibilities
Safe working practices
Risk Assessments
Operator Safety Code
Pre-use checks (including test) on lifting accessories
Theoretical Test
Practical Test

Course Information

HL Training Services offers Overhead Crane training for instructors and operators on site at customer locations and across Melksham and Bristol. Training is carried out by instructors accredited by ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register) who are a founding member of the ABA Workplace Transport, who set the standard for training within the industry.

The aim of this Overhead Crane training course is to ensure the candidates have the skills to safely operate remote/pendant cranes (or both depending on your requirements). It includes all aspects listed above in the course modules section, as well as; crane controls, causes of accidents and how to prevent them, competent understanding and use of lifting tackle, assessing and lifting loads, crane signals, overload warning signals/systems, care & maintenance, operating in the vicinity of pedestrians and much more.

Course Requirements

Candidates should be willing to learn all aspects of the training course which includes the theoretical and practical aspects along with being able to work as a team. It is important that all candidates, equipment and facilities (e.g. room to conduct theoretical lessons and testing) are available for the entire course duration.

Please Note: We are able to tailor training to the type of Overhead Crane you have, and make it job specific too. This will help best equip the candidates for their specific job needs.

ITSSAR Course Timings

Novice Operator – up to 3 candidates – 2 days
Experienced Operator – up to 3 candidates – 1 day
Refresher Operator – up to 3 candidates – 1 day

Course Outcome

Each candidate will receive an ITSSAR Accredited A4 certificate on successful completion of the Overhead Crane training course. (The certificate is the legal document)

Course includes: