HL Training Awarded RTITB Accreditation

HL Training are proud to announce that we have passed our RTITB Accreditation audit with zero shortfalls! We are delighted to have achieved this accreditation, providing a testament to our high training standards. As an RTITB Accredited Partner, we can prove to our customers that we are a trusted supplier, qualified to deliver operator and instructor training of the highest quality.

What is RTITB Accreditation?

RTITB Ltd (formerly the Road Transport Industry Training Board) monitors and evaluates training standards within the lift truck industry. An RTITB Accreditation is awarded to the training organisation that continuously meets high standards of training.

Each year, the accredited organisation must submit a renewal application that will be checked and verified by the RTITB accreditation team, who will determine whether a further year’s accreditation will be granted. The RTITB annual audit reinforces compliant, consistent, and practical training.

The Role of an RTITB-Accredited Organisation

Passing an RTITB accreditation audit with no shortfalls can not be achieved by doing the bare minimum. RTITB Ltd is responsible for ensuring that only the organisations that meet current best training practices while exceeding minimum legal requirements are awarded the accreditation. 

As an RTITB-accredited organisation, our responsibilities at HL Training include:

  • Delivering outstanding training that reduces costs and saves lives
  • Conducting training in accordance with the RTITB accreditation.
  • Ensuring that current, up-to-date copies of relevant course materials are always used in training
  • Providing a suitable premise for RTITB Ltd training
  • Providing appropriate training resources, including well-maintained equipment

Benefits of RTITB Accreditation

  • RTITB accreditation has enabled us at HL training to grow our business by showcasing our ability to offer exceptional training with engaging materials to lift truck operators and instructors.
  • As an accredited organisation, we have access to regular visits from the RTITB accreditation team, providing extra support to ensure we always deliver compliant and up-to-date training.
  • As an RTITB-accredited partner, we can prove ourselves to be a trusted training provider dedicated to providing safe and secure training of the highest quality.
  • RTITB accreditation is only awarded to ethical employers who offer good working conditions for their staff. Achieving this accreditation shows that we are a trustworthy employer that cares about our staff.

Our RTITB Accreditation Achievements

From our initial partnership with the then Road Transport Industry Training Board in 1988, we at HL Training are delighted to be an RTITB-accredited partner. With our RTITB accreditation, we have achieved so much. 7 of our trainers are currently delivering up to 100 RTITB operator courses annually. Access to professional and high-quality training materials has made this process much smoother, reducing operator and instructor training time and costs.

RTITB accreditation has enabled us to confidently offer operator training on various machine types, from forklifts to multiple Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs). As providers of forklift instructor training, we can meet the needs of many customers, such as large organisations looking to enhance skills in-house or training providers expanding their knowledge and wishing to become an RTITB registered instructor.

Our Training Courses Are Utilised by RTITB Ltd Themselves

RTITB have given HL Training the ultimate seal of approval by uttilising our services to provide instructor courses to their customers. For example, in June 2023, we successfully provided RTITB Accredited Lorry Loader Instructor Training for one of their very own customers.

Our Other Accreditations

As well as RTITB Ltd, we also boast a range of industry-recognised accreditations


ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme And Register) is an accreditation scheme dedicated to improving the standards and safety of training for mechanical handling equipment. We have offered ITSSAR Operator Training since the 1990s, with Instructor training on offer for over 10 years. 


AITT (Association Industrial Truck Trainers) is the UK’s fastest-growing accredited body that offers workplace transport training. The AITT Operator Registration (ACORNS) scheme was started in 2014 and undergoes a 17-point check to ensure instructor training complies with the relevant standards. HL Training re-joined AITT in 2019, and we now have multiple Cat 1 tutors available.


SafeContractor is a leading third-party accreditation provider that ensures training courses meet rigorous health and safety management standards. Alcumus SafeContractor is dedicated to helping us protect our instructors and trainees by ensuring we go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best training possible. For the past 6 years, we have gone through vigorous checks and are now proudly SafeContractor accredited.

Register for Accredited Lift Truck Training

Are you ready to upskill your workforce with accredited instructor or operator training? Look no further than HL training. We proudly deliver on-site and in-house training accredited to the UK’s top accrediting bodies. Explore the basics of forklift training by registering for our novice course, or expand your existing knowledge with our fresher courses to ensure you are constantly working to the highest standards possible. Get in touch with us today for more information regarding accredited training.

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