Pedestrian Operated Reach Truck Training (A7)

Our expert accredited instructors deliver a selection of pedestrian operated reach truck operator courses UK-wide. We have accredited courses tailored to all experience levels, from novice training to refresher courses. We also provide a full range of forklift operator training.

Our Pedestrian Reach Truck Training Courses

We provided pedestrian reach truck training at all levels. Our novice course caters to beginners, for operators with more experience, our existing operator training is the perfect solution. If you are an experienced operator looking to update your knowledge, we also offer refresher courses. A refresher course not only helps keep your skills sharp and avoid bad habits creeping in but can also be used to renew your NORS registration. 

Accredited Pedestrian Reach Truck Training

Each of our pedestrian reach truck training courses is accredited. We work with three industry-recognised accreditors; 

All of our courses are accredited by one of these accrediting bodies. Upon completion of a course, you will receive a certificate from the relevant accreditor. AITT and ITSSAR certificates are created within our CRM and come with ID cards. RTITB produce their own certificates. ID cards are also available for RTITB courses but are additional to the quoted cost of the training. 

Your certification will not expire with any of these three accreditors. However, the NORS registration from an RTITB course will lapse. You can renew your registration with a refresher course. This is not mandatory, and you can still operate a reach truck after your registration ends (at the discretion of your employer). However, refresher courses are recommended by HSE and are a great way to keep your skills honed (regardless of the accreditation).

Reach Truck Forklift Training

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Enrol on a reach truck training course today! Our experienced team always provide the highest levels of training. Choose HL Training to upskill your workforce and help you maintain high safety standards on-site.

Pedestrian Reach Truck Training FAQs

How Do I Check My Training Is Accredited?

Each accreditor we work with provides a unique ID number which you can find on your certificate. You can use this number to check with the accreditor that your training has been registered with them. To do so, contact the accrediting body directly. Alternatively, you can check if ITSSAR and RTITB courses have been registered through their respective websites. 

How Are Reach Truck Training Courses Assessed?

Our accredited reach truck operator courses are assessed through three elements:

  • Practical tests
  • Theory tests
  • Pre-use checks

In order to pass the course, you must pass all three elements. 

Can you operate a reach truck with counterbalance training?

Counterbalance and reach trucks are different types of machinery and therefore require different training. Counterbalance training is, therefore, insufficient to operate a pedestrian reach truck. However, you can undertake one of our conversion training courses which will factor in existing experience. A conversion course will acknowledge existing experience with other machines and fill in any knowledge gaps so that you can operate the new machine.