VNA Truck Training

Very Narrow Aisle trucks are used for stacking loads, medium and high-level order picking or, in some instances, both functions.

Their unique feature is their steering method. VNA trucks are normally only steered by the operator when transferring from one stacking aisle to another. Once the truck is in the aisle, it is automatically guided by wire or rail to allow optimal precision and control in an extremely narrow environment. Operation of the VNA truck requires high levels of skill and precision while working in tight areas.

The Course

Our VNA training course will allow the candidate to operate the VNA forklift truck efficiently and effectively, maintaining the highest quality of operation. Upon completing this course, the candidate will have acquired the skill set to safely operate the machine. They will be able to carry out necessary inspections and understand the impact of weight distribution on truck stability and safety.

We also provide a full range of forklift operator training.

VNA - Very Narrow Ailse Man Up

Course Type
Operator Experience
Course Duration
Very Narrow Aisle Trucks
F1 Rider electric VNA lateral and front stacking trucks – man up
F2 Rider electric VNA lateral and front stacking trucks – man down
Multi Level Order Picker.
5 Days
3 Maximum
3 Days
3 Maximum
1 Day
3 Maximum
2 Days
3 Maximum

VNA Man-Up (Operator Up) Training Course Dates:

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Course Location

Our courses are at the HL Training centre in Barton Hill Trading Estate, Bristol. Our specialist facility has all the necessary equipment and scenarios to build your experience and enhance your skill set. Our facility will help you to quickly and effectively gain experience operating a VNA forklift truck.

Training at customer locations is also available on operator-up and operator-down trucks. This training is tailored to cover all functions relevant to delegates’ equipment type, working environment and job role. We can bring our exceptional standard of training to your workplace and provide the tools and resources required to competently operate both types of VNA trucks.

With hundreds of candidates passing our course and developing their skills in forklift operation, we can help you take the next step towards enhancing your skills and abilities in the workplace.

Our in-centre truck is a Operator-Up forklift installed using a guided wire. This means that we provide you with first-hand experience of the real equipment you’ll use at your workplace.

Available Courses

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Get In Touch

If you’re interested in our range of VNA truck training courses and want to know more about how we can help you, get in touch. Our team of experts are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you reach your goals.

Contact us if you’d like information about the course or want to know how we could help your team reach new levels of safety and skill development when working with forklifts. Alternatively, you can browse our range of other forklift training courses and develop your workforce on a broader scale.


Is a forklift license a requirement?

There is no such thing as a forklift license per its definition, and you will not require a forklift license for operation. However, once you pass a forklift operators course, you receive a certificate of basic training that qualifies you to operate a forklift. This is a legal document that, along with valid authorisation, physically allows you to operate a forklift. Despite a physical forklift license not existing, we can offer an ID Card to accompany your certificate to prove you have completed the course.

What is unique about VNA Operator/Man-Up trucks?

VNA Operator-Up forklift trucks are unique pieces of machinery in which the operator will go up and down in correlation with the forks on their truck. This allows for full and clear shelf visibility and precise manoeuvering at height in a narrow space. As the operation of this forklift truck requires a high level of precision and control, training can immeasurably enhance the operator’s skill set. This can create higher levels of control and efficiency in your workplace.

How long is the course?

The duration of the course ultimately depends on your current skill level. The duration of the course ranges from a 1-day refresher course up to a 5-day intensive and comprehensive training course. Each course is designed for different skill levels, meaning you’ll find the perfect course for you that integrates perfectly with your current experience and skill level.

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