Forklift Operator Training

We’re Based in The South West, But Provide Forklift Training UK-Wide

HL Training Services offer a wide range of forklift operator training courses for both individual candidates and businesses. We also deliver in-centre training for selected forklifts (see the full selection below) and onsite training for all types of forklift trucks.

Our courses take place throughout Bristol, South Wales, Melksham, and across the UK, covering all skill sets from novice to refresher courses.

Our forklift operator training courses follow the approved code of practice issued by HSE and testing standards issued by the ABA 2012 (forklift training centre governing bodies). They are also accredited by ITSSAR, AITT and RTITB. 

Forklift Operator Training Levels

Basic Training specifically for untrained operators who will receive basic operator training

Experienced Operator Training training is for experienced operators who have not received basic training.

Conversion Training is for operators who hold a forklift certificate and wish to train on a different machine

Refresher Training for certificated operators is recommended every 3 to 5 years.

The course schedule enables candidates to learn basic operating skills and safe working practices and includes a basic operator practical test and theory test.

Course Lengths

Our course lengths may vary depending on training facilities, group numbers, machine types, and in-house training requirements. Below are the recommended training days for a group of 3 candidates.

Novices – 5 days of training
Experienced – 3 days of training
Conversion (from other truck types/capacities) – 2 days
Refresher training – 1 day


All forklift operator training courses includes three elements; practical test, theory test and pre-use check testing elements. Upon completion, candidates will receive a nationally recognised accredited certificate (excludes in-house training). 

Here’s Just Some of the On-Site Training We Provide: 

(If you require training that is not on this list, please browse our full range of training on our site, or get in touch with us to chat about how we can help)

Download the HSE Lift Truck Training Guide for Employers for more important information. Contact us today to arrange your forklift training.

Benefits Of On-Site FLT Training 

  • Training on the machine the candidate will be using
  • Training on a company’s load-specific operations
  • We can conduct training during quieter periods
  • Weekend training is available
  • In-house certificates can be issued to companies 
  • Restricted certificates specific to site requirements and operations can be issued (not valid outside of the company/ premises)
  • FAQs

    Does a forklift licence actually exist?

    No, there is no such thing as a forklift licence. Operating a forklift truck safely requires sufficient training and experience, but this is not a licence. Many jobs may require you to have a ‘forklift licence’, but don’t get confused. What they mean by this is that you must have a certificate proving you have completed a forklift training course.

    How long does it take to complete the forklift training?

    It’s all up to you and the training you require. Training for more experienced forklift truck drivers is between 2-3 days. Refresher training is 1 day. The complete novice training course is 5 days for those starting from scratch. Some candidates may require further training above the minimum recommended guidelines.

    How often should I refresh my training?

    This is down to whether you or your employer feels you need to refresh your skills. It is not a legal requirement to undertake additional training. However, the HSE recommended guidelines are that operators complete refresher training between every 3-5 years.