Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker Training (A5)

Our team of expert instructors provide a selection of accredited pedestrian pallet stacker operator training courses across the UK. Our accredited instructors provide the highest quality training whether in our Bristol-based training centre or at a clients work site. We combine thorough curriculums with training experience to deliver effective training to meet your employees needs. We also provide a full range of forklift operator training.

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker Courses

Our accredited pedestrian pallet stacker operator courses are available at various levels. We have novice courses for beginners, as well as experienced training for existing operators. You can also undergo a refresher course to update your knowledge (and renew your NORS licence for RTITB courses). 

Each of our courses can be delivered at our Bristol training centre or at your site. All of our accredited pedestrian pallet stacker courses are available nationwide. We offer a huge range of training courses, including A4 rider operated pallet stacker training.

Accredited Pallet Stacker Training

Each of our pedestrian operated pallet stacker training courses is accredited by an industry recognised accreditor. Our courses are accredited by AITT, RTITB, or ITSSAR. Upon successfully completing our pedestrian operated pallet stacker training you will receive a certificate with a unique ID number. You can use this number to check your training is registered with the accreditor by contacting them. You can also check through the accreditor’s website for ITSSAR and RTITB courses. In addition to your certificate AITT and ITSSAR courses will also come with an ID card. ID cards are also available for RTITB courses but are additional to the quoted cost of the course. 

Pallet Stacker Forklift Training

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Upskill your workforce with first-rate accredited training from experienced forklift operator instructors. Our team are here to help you prepare your workforce. Whether you are introducing beginners to pallet stackers or wish for your experienced operators to refresh their knowledge – choose HL Training.

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Pedestrian Pallet Stacker Training FAQs

Do I Need A Licence To Operate A Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker?

No. Technically, there’s no such thing as a Pedestrian Operated Pallet Stacker licence. Upon successfully completing our accredited pedestrian operated pallet stacker course, you will receive a certificate of basic training. This certificate permits you to operate a pedestrian pallet stacker. 

Do I Need To Take  Refresher Course?

You are not legally required to take a refresher course. Your operator training certificate does not expire. However, NORS registrations do expire. If you have taken an RTITB pallet stacker course and would like to renew your NORS registration you can do this with a refresher course. This is not required to continue to operate a pedestrian operated pallet stacker though your employer may require it. Furthermore, HSE recommends refresher courses. They are a quick and effective way to brush up on your skills and prevent bad habits from creeping in.

What Is The Difference Between Forklifts And Pallet Stackers?

Pallet stackers are smaller and more nimble than forklifts. They are designed for lighter loads and do not require a sit-on driver.