Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck Training

We provide accredited pedestrian-operated pallet truck training in our Bristol training centre and on-site nationwide. Our expert team of accredited pedestrian pallet truck instructors deliver first-class training drawing on an intimate knowledge of each machine and years of instructor experience. Whether at our training centre or on-site, we can prepare you and your team to safely and effectively operate pedestrian pallet trucks. We also offer rider pallet truck training within our full range of forklift operator training.

Our Pedestrian Pallet Truck Courses

We provide a range of pedestrian pallet truck training courses that accommodate various experience levels. Whether you are a novice or an experienced pallet truck operator needing a knowledge refresh, we have a training course for you. 

We deliver three levels of training for pedestrian-operated pallet trucks; novice, experienced, and refresher training. 

  • Novice – 1 or 2 Days (Depending on truck type and accreditor)
  • Experienced and Existing Operator Training – 1 Day
  • Refresher Training – 1 Day

Our pedestrian-operated pallet truck training course covers pallet, stillage, low lift platform and low lift order picking trucks. This training meets the criteria for A1 category training as agreed among all ABA members. The A1 course meets up-to-date course criteria, including the 2019 update to standards for Pre Use Checks, Practical Testing and Theory Tests. 

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For expertly delivered accredited pallet truck courses, choose HL Training. We offer something for all experience levels to help ensure effective pallet truck operation on-site and safer working environments. When you work with HL Training, you experience the highest quality curriculums which meet the highest and most up-to-date standards. Plus, you are in good hands with our experienced instructors. 

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Pedestrian Pallet Truck FAQs

How are pedestrian pallet truck courses assessed?

Our A1 pedestrian-operated pallet truck courses are assessed through theoretical and practical tests and a pre-use check. All three elements are mandatory, and you must pass each to complete the training course successfully.

What will I receive upon completing a pallet truck training course?

Upon successfully completing a pedestrian pallet truck course, you will receive a certificate from the accrediting body. ID cards will also be available. ITSSAR and AITT ID cards are included in the quoted price. RTITB ID cards are additional to the quoted cost.

Do I need a license to operate a pedestrian pallet truck?

There is not a forklift license. Upon completing an accredited forklift training course, you will receive a certificate of basic training – this is the legal document.