Pedestrian Operated Straddle Truck Training (A6)

A combination of various other trucks, the Straddle Truck proves more efficient than others within the ABA A categories due to its superior stacking abilities, which helps to save time. Another benefit of using a straddle truck is that the wider legs allow the truck to lift pallets from ground level. As the forks are separate from the load legs, operators can lift from ground level without the risk of damaging the pallet. 

See below for more info on this truck type, including what the course includes, the course ratio and timings, and what you should expect to receive upon successful completion of training. Alternatively, take a look at the full range of forklift operator training we offer.

Pedestrian Straddle Truck Course Information:


A6 Pedestrian Operated Straddle Truck

The above category has been taken from the ABA groupings and is correct for RTITB, AITT & ITSSAR.

Pedestrian Straddle Truck Course Timings:

All our training courses are based on a candidate-to-instructor ratio of 3:1.


Novice – 2 or 3 Days (depending on accrediting body)

Experienced/Existing Operator – 1 Day

Conversion (from alternative type forklift*) 

Refresher Training – 1 Day


We can carry out training for this truck type at the trainee’s workplace – we provide our Straddle Truck training nationally. Please contact us to find out more information.


Pedestrian Straddle Truck
  • What Our Straddle Truck Course Includes

This course covers (but is NOT limited to): 

Working within racking
Regulations/legislation (including LOLER 1998, PUWER 1998, and HASAWA 1974)
Starting and stopping the truck
Mounting and dismounting
Operating within a 4-way steer (if applicable)
Use of hydraulic controls

And much more.

We use three mandatory testing elements; theoretical and practical tests and a pre-use check. You will need to pass ALL THREE to complete the course successfully.

Completing the Course


Upon successfully completing your training, you will receive a certificate accredited by your chosen accrediting body (ITSSAR, RTITB, or AITT). Check out our accreditation page for more information.

Photo ID Cards: 

These are also available. However, depending on your chosen accreditation, they may be added to the cost quoted.

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Our HL team of accredited instructors offers first-rate straddle truck training. They can provide a training solution for any experience level to ensure you get the most out of the course. Sign up for a course today and become an accredited straddle truck operator!

Straddle Truck Training FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do you assess the straddle truck training courses?

All our courses are assessed with theoretical and practical tests and a pre-use check. To achieve your certificate, you must pass each of these mandatory assessment elements.

Will I receive a license for successfully completing my straddle truck training?

There is no such thing as a straddle truck license. We will provide you with a certificate if you complete the course. This will act as a legal document to demonstrate that you have received the mandatory training to operate that specific kind of machinery. 

When Does My Saddle Truck Certificate Expire?

Your saddle truck certificate is for life and does not expire. However, the NORS registration for RTITB courses does have an expiration date. It is at an employers discretion whether you may continue to operate a forklift after your NORS expiration. You can take a refresher course to renew your registration. 

How Do I Check My Training Is Registered?

Each of our saddle truck courses is accredited by one of three governing bodies (ITSSAR, RTITB, or AITT). Each certifcate contains a unique ID number which can be used with the relevant accreditor to check the training has been registered with them. 
You can check by contacting the accreditor directly. Alternatively, ITSSAR and RTITB each allow you to check through their respective websites.