ELCAS Testimonials

We are an ELCAS accredited army resettlement training centre for service leavers, who are looking to complete a Level 3 NVQ (or equivalent) qualification. We pride ourselves on providing professional forklift instructor training for the military, and have two Cat 4 ITSSAR Tutors, and various other contractors who offer support, not only during the candidates’ course, but once they have completed their course and start their lives on civvy street.

Our armed forces resettlement candidates come from all over the UK and we are fortunate enough to have some candidates contracting for us. We have had many happy candidates completing the instructor course and have recently had a 96% customer satisfaction feedback report from ELCAS.

Epeli Batidreu

The training I got from HL Training was very professional and the instructors were quite knowledgable and helpful in their teaching.

Christopher John Roberts

A well structured course with friendly instructors with years or experience of the equipment taught. I thoroughly enjoyed this resettlement course and would highly recommend this LP to other people.

Kye Hall

Very good and understanding with my dyslexia.

Guy Phillips

Overall a very good course.

Ishan Ashander Jordon 

A very great course and course provider. All of the instructors were helpful, the course and all course material were relevant. I would definitely refer this course provider to my friends and others. I definitely learn a lot and get more than my monies worth from this course provider.

Nicholas Osman

Great team and very helpful. I would recommend HL Training services to anyone.

Neil David Greenfield

HL Training and all there support staff were excellent from start to finish regarding information prior to the course and during the period I attended the course, the facilities were of a very good standard and they catered very well to the students needs. I would highly recommend them for any future training.

Simione Momoivalu

I would recommend that Training Provider for future Soldiers who look in to using there ELC.

David Michael Johnson

The Learning providor produced and ran a really good course which will be invaliuable in the my new career.

Michael Patrick Reilly

Fantastic family run company i couldn’t recommend them enough.

Ishan Ashander Jordon 

The learning provider was excellent. The instructors and the members of staff was excellent, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this training establishment to others who are interesting in this type of career. They are very professional in what they do and i enjoy every moment of the course. The facilities and training equipment was of very high standards.

Simione Momoivalu 

Excellent Training Facility and Staff.I will recommend them again.