Vehicle Banksman Training Course

Course Information

This course is aimed at anyone is in charge of directing the movements of large vehicles on a work site. This can include cranes, lorries and more.

E-Learning Course Duration: min 40 minutes

This course will cover common vehicle reversing accidents and the crucial role played by the banksman. It’ll also look at the controls and actions that can reduce the likelihood of such accidents.

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Face to Face Course Duration: 4 Hours for up to 6 candidates

This course aims to raise awareness of the dangers caused when large vehicles reverse, and introduces practical techniques and hand signals to assist drivers with this manoeuvre. Delegates will also be trained in the necessary skills to assist other drivers and banksmen.

Pass Required: Practical (20 Points or Less) / Theory (80%)

Accreddited by ITSSAR, AITT or RTITB

Testing Elements

Site Operations/Manoeuvring Risk Assessment
Practical Test
Theoretical Test

Product Description

Banksmen are operators that have been trained to direct vehicle movement on (or around) a site. They are sometimes refered to as traffic marshalls.

All banksmen/traffic marshalls have to have been trained and authorised to do so. If you need any advise on when a banksman is required, please contact the office through our contact form.

Vehicle Banksman