MEWP Scissor Lift and Cherry Picker Training

At HL Training Services, we proudly offer accredited Boom Lift and Scissor Lift training for instructors and operators. We provide cherry-picker training at our training centre in Bristol and on-site at customer locations around the UK.

What is MEWP Training?

We provide multiple Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) courses for various experience levels. A MEWP course will instruct operators on safely handling a range of MEWPS, such as cherry pickers or scissor lifts.

MEWPs are essential machinery, enabling operators to reach heights in various environments; they work by raising or lowering a person onto the ground or a mobile work platform.

Courses are of different lengths (one day or two), each available in our training centre or on-site. Each of our MEWP training courses accommodates up to four trainees.

Courses Available in Centre and On-site:

1-day refresher for up to 4 trainees
2-day novice for up to 4 trainees
No matter where you are based in the UK, our team can offer in-centre training at our Bristol site or on-site training in your warehouse. Please be aware that on-site course costs are for up to 4 trainees.
As with all HL Training courses, our MEWPS training is delivered to the highest standards and is accredited by industry-recognised accrediting bodies. Our MEWPS training courses are certified by either ITSSAR, AITT, or RTITB.
Boom Lift Training

What is the Difference Between a Cherry Picker and a Scissor Lift?

Cherry pickers and scissor lifts are both mobile-powered access platforms, enabling operators to work safely at height. 

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are versatile, providing height access across job sites via its scissor-like lifting mechanism. They operate vertically, but they do not offer outreach. Scissor lifts are beneficial for both indoor and outdoor building maintenance tasks.

Cherry Pickers

Cherry Pickers, alternatively known as boom lifts, provide height access and significant outreach over structures. Many types of cherry pickers offer different grades of outreach; it is, therefore, essential to determine what you require the machine for. 


Licence Requirements for Cherry Picker and Scissor Lift Operators


There is no such thing as a scissor lift or cherry picker licence. However, to operate a cherry picker or a scissor lift, the user must have a full UK driving licence. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 scope, employers have a legal duty to provide adequate training to ensure the competence of their employees. 

HL Training offers training accredited to ITSSAR, AITT, or RTITB. While it is not technically a licence, a certificate is granted as proof of completion of an accredited course. Ensure your and others’ safety by completing the appropriate cherry picker or scissor lift training.


Why Choose HL Training For MEWP Training?

We combine an in-depth syllabus with first-rate training to produce fully accredited training courses. All our instructors are experts in their field with a comprehensive knowledge of the machinery they instruct on. There is nowhere better for MEWPs operator training; for instructor training, you can witness first-class instructors firsthand. 

Whether you’re training to be a cherry picker instructor or to operate scissor lifts, choose HL Training. We have more than three decades of instructor and operator training experience. So you can guarantee that the training will be of the highest quality and the whole process will run smoothly. From booking through to receiving your certification, we have perfected every stage of the training journey.

MEWP Training FAQs


Can I Check My Training Meet Requirements?

Yes, all three accrediting bodies we work with offer a way to check your training has been registered with them. You can check using the unique ID number on your certification.  You can contact the accreditors directly or, for ITSSAR and RTITB you can check through their websites. 

When Do My Certificates Expire?

Your operator certificates do not expire. However, NORS registration does. This can be renewed through a refresher course. It is not a legal requirement to renew your registration; however, to promote the safety of yourself and your surroundings, your employer should encourage you to complete refresher courses.

Do You Offer IPAF MEWPS training?

IPAF also provides MEWPs training. At HL Training, we are not IPAF-accredited. We offer ITSSAR, AITT, and RTITBaccredited training. You can learn more about IPAF training delivered by accredited instructors in an IPAF-accredited centre on our Mobile Vertical (3A) training page.

Register For Scissor Lift Training


Expand your workforce’s skillset and add more forklift operators with our MEWPs training. Whether you want to refresh your knowledge or are completely new to operating MEWPs we have the training for you.

Our team of expert instructors deliver our courses either on site or in our training facility. To learn more, get in touch and talk to a member of our team. 

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