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With the aim to reduce MHE and workplace transport accidents/incidents, whilst improving safety, training registrations fees were implements throughout the MHE Training industry Since. January 2015, all ABA Member accrediting bodies implemented a mandatory database whereby all training needed to registered for Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) and Workplace Transport Operators

Forklifts are invaluable tools for many industries, allowing the efficient movement and safe handling of heavy goods. However, effectively operating a forklift comes from thoroughly understanding its components and dynamics. The load centre is a critical element significantly impacting forklift performance and stability. If you are wondering what a forklift

HL Training are proud to announce that we have passed our RTITB Accreditation audit with zero shortfalls! We are delighted to have achieved this accreditation, providing a testament to our high training standards. As an RTITB Accredited Partner, we can prove to our customers that we are a trusted supplier,

Navigating the requirements for operating a forklift can be confusing, especially when it comes to forklift licenses and certificate expirations. This guide will clarify common misconceptions to help you understand what runs out and when and how to renew it to stay on top of your forklift training requirements. Is

Forklifts are valuable to various industries, providing efficient material handling solutions. However, their versatility can be further enhanced with specialised attachments. This blog post explores an array of forklift attachments and delves into their unique applications, helping businesses make informed decisions to optimise their operations. Forklift Fork Extensions Fork extensions

In the bustling world of warehouses and engineering facilities, forklifts provide unparalleled efficiency, facilitating the movement of heavy loads. However, forklifts do not come without inherent risks that operators must manage to prevent accidents or injuries. Our comprehensive blog will shed light on the common incidents, from minor mishaps to

A forklift is indispensable for all warehouses and facilities where heavy loads must be transported between locations. Their efficiency is impressive; however, understanding their lift capacity is critical to ensure the operator’s and their surroundings’ safety. Whether you are a seasoned forklift operator or a complete novice, our comprehensive blog

Forklifts are an instrumental piece of machinery for your site. Operating a forklift demands precision and caution; safety protocols are, therefore, a top priority. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore essential safety measures and expert tips to equip novice and experienced forklift operators with the knowledge and skills they

Primarily, forklifts operate within closed areas such as warehouses and factories. However, sometimes, a forklift may need to travel on a public road to transport goods to another site or to unload at a loading dock. It is legal for forklifts to operate on a public road, provided they adhere

Take control of your bookings, courses, and training reports for delegates through our innovative customer account system, powered by This exceptional service is available at a cost of £20+VAT per user per month, billed annually. BOOKINGS– used to view or manage current & past bookings The below image

In the dynamic world of forklift operation, safety is paramount. Understanding who can and can’t operate a forklift and the challenges each individual may face is vital to ensuring the smooth running of a business. This blog looks at the guidelines surrounding forklift operation for these individuals and how we