In House Forklift Instructor Training

Non accredited In House Forklift Instructor training is for candidates who are required to complete training of company employees and issue in house certificates. Candidates will become responsible for conducting in-house training and skills assessments.

This course has been carefully compiled to comply with the recommendations of the Approved Code of Practice for operator training and safe use of forklifts (L117), publishes by HSE and approved by Health & Safety Commission. The course provides a thorough and well-rounded learning experience that will provide the learner with a comprehensive understanding of the forklift instructor process and provide your company with an excellent instructor going forward.

Pre requisite:
If you’re wondering whether this course is the right one for you, we look for a certified counterbalance or reach truck operator (dated within 12 months of the course start date), with at least 6 months operating experience and a broad knowledge of HSE regulations preferred. If you or an employee has these qualifications, this course would be the perfect next step for you and your business.

Our courses can open doors for your company. Upon completion of the forklift instructor course you will be able to instruct on any machines you hold certificated for or subsequently undertake, including HSE courses such as manual handling.

You do not require separate instructor course for each machine.

Course Dates: To find out more, call on 0117 952 5625 or e-mail for more information.

Available Courses:

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Course Schedule:

5 Day In House HLTS 2022


Why train an in-house instructor?

Getting the right training is important for any company handling dangerous machinery. Having all members of staff trained can be a time-consuming process when done off-site with a specialist training team. By certifying your own in-house training instructor, you give your company the freedom to carry out this training on your terms, giving the power to yo

How often should you refresh forklift training?

Forklift training should regularly be refreshed between every 3-5 years to ensure all workers are competent on the machinery. By effectively training an in-house instructor, you allow your company the freedom to carry out refresher training for individual workers on a regular basis. HL Training run a 3 year refresher course due to the constant changes within the industry. 

Why is regular training so important?

Regular training is important to keep your skills and knowledge at a high standard. An in-house instructor means high-quality training and refreshers are always available for workers. You’ll never have to go through a longer training process again! If you’re a company in Bristol that’s looking to add an in-house forklift instructor to your ranks, our course is the way to do it! (We are Bristol-based but also work UK-wide, just get in touch to find out how we can help you).

Do you provide any accredited forklift instructor training?

Yes we do. We provide forklift instructor training accredited by AITT, ITSSAR and RTITB.