ITSSAR Accredited Forklift Instructor Training

Become a forklift instructor with our ITSSAR accredited course.

Learn the skills needed to be come an ITSSAR accredited forklift instructor from our team of accredited trainers. This course is based on counterbalance forklift trucks, but if the candidates are trained on other equipment, these categories can be added onto the badge. After completion, you will fully understand the principles of operating forklift trucks. It will then guide you through transferring this knowledge into the classroom and sharing your expertise with trainees. You will learn what is required to be a skilful trainer from HL Training’s experienced educators.

  • You will learn:                   

    Teaching Methods
    Task Analysis
    Lesson Types
    Lesson Plans
    Classroom and Practical Lessons
    Instructional Techniques
    Skills Testing
    Conducting Ongoing Assessments
    Q&A Techniques

Course Requirements

Our forklift instructor training is based on the use of a counterbalance forklift. A counterbalance forklift basic operator certificate is required to take this course. You must obtain or renew your certification within six month of the course start date. You can take the counterbalance conversion course to meet the requirements.

ITSSAR Training Accreditations

Our forklift trainer course is ITSSAR accredited. The Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) have written and monitored Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) standards since 1991. It is one of the leading accreditors for the workplace transport sector.

Why Choose HL Training?

ITSSAR Accredited and Experienced Trainers

At HL Training, we have a highly experienced team of instructors. Every instructor is well versed in their respective courses and knows precisely what is required to deliver first-rate training. We understand that simply having a thorough and expansive curriculum (and we do) isn’t all that is required for an outstanding training course. You also need brilliant instructors with in-depth knowledge and fantastic teaching abilities. We can proudly say, our team of accredited instructors meet these high standards.

Forklift Instructor Training Curriculum

Of course, our highly skilled trainers need an equally brilliant course to teach. Our ITSSAR instructor training courses are designed to fully develop your skills and prepare you to instruct on any machine you hold certificates for. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum that will give you the skills you need when delivered by one of our expert trainers. This course is assessed over 9 elements as the course progresses.

ITSSAR accredited forklift training

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ITSSAR Forklift Instructor Course FAQ

How Long Is The Forklift Instructor Training Course?

The novice forklift instructor training programme is a 10 day course.

Do You Provide Other Accredited Forklift Instructor Training?

Yes, we also provide forklift instructor training accredited by RTITB and AITT. We also offer an in-house forklift instructor training course.

Is Forklift Training A Legal Requirement?

It is a legal requirement for a forklift, or any machinery, to be operated by people that have undertaken the appropriate training and can demonstrate an ability to operate the machinery.

What Are The Prerequisite For The ITSSAR Instructor Training?

To attend the ITSSAR instructor training, you must have a basic accredited operator training certificate dated within six months of the course start date. Also, you must have 6 years’ operating experience.

When Does My ITSSAR Training Certification Expire?

ITSSAR instructor qualifications expire after 5 years.