Registration Fee Price Increase

With the aim to reduce MHE and workplace transport accidents/incidents, whilst improving safety, training registrations fees were implements throughout the MHE Training industry Since. January 2015, all ABA Member accrediting bodies implemented a mandatory database whereby all training needed to registered for Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) and Workplace Transport Operators

Some of the main objectives were to help ensure that accredited training meets the criteria as set our in The Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L117) and the syllabus for that specific category as set by the relevant accrediting body,  and to provide a safe and secure scheme which offers a way of verifying accredited training.

ITSSAR introduced the TOPS Registration Scheme, AITT Introduced the ACORNS Registration scheme, whilst RTITB invested in their existing NORS Registration scheme to ensure it met the standard outlined by the ABA.

As training providers, we are charged to use this system. To add to that, we are charged by our CRM for use of the system. Due to all these additional costs, in 2015 we introduced a registration scheme for all accreddited training. These costs, as standard, were passed on for any accreddited training delivered to our customers and was set at £15+VAT.

Having not increased this fee over the past 9 years, and with increased costs from our accredditing bodies and having invested heavily in modernising our certificates and ID card printing software and hardware, changing CRMs to improve our service to customers including online access to our CRM for customers who subscribe to our service, and with ongoing investment (keep your eyes peeled for ID Card news in the coming months) – we feel now is the time to increase these registration fees slightly.

From July 1st 2024, any accreddited training booked will now incur a £25+VAT registration fee per candidate per course, an increase of only £10+VAT per candidate.

This helps us to continue to develop our systems, to invest in software that allows us to provide the best quality training, and to ensure that your training is accreddited providing the below list of benefits. 

Benefits of accreddited training

  • Operator training scheme allows the operator confidence that their training has been registered, and therefore meets the require standard as set by the ABA or relevant accrediting bodies.
  • Provides a link between training organisations, employers, operators and the industry accrediting bodies to ensure all are on the same understanding.
  • Unique indentifiation number (depending on accredditing body, either per candidate or per course taken)
  • Ability for anyone to vertify training with the above given indentification number. (NORS, TOPS, AITT)