Lubricants, Grease and Oil For Sale

We are primarily a forklift training company, but also stock a wide range of oils, lubricants, greases and cleaners (i.e. Brake + Clutch Cleaner, EP 2 Multipurpose Grease). The complete list is shown below, please call 0117 952 5625 and ask for Angela with any enquiries.

10w40 Synethic Long Drain XHPD
15 w 40 SHPD Long Drain
15w40 Long Drain
2 Stroke
20 L Total 10w40 Synthetic Engine Oil
80w90 Gear Oil API GL5
AdBlue 210L
Auto D2
AutoTrans VI
Brake + Clutch Cleaner
Chain and Wire Grease
Clear Penetrating Oil
Crown Classic 30
Crown SAE 80
Crown Transyn 75w90
Crownfleet CDX30
Crowngrease R5035L
Crownlube 150 RO
EP 2 Multipurpose Grease / MP Lithium EP2
EP 75/90
EP 80/90
EP2 Tacky
EP75/90 Semi Synthetic
Fluid D4
Fluide ATX
Fluide XLD FE
Fully Synthetic 10w/40
Fully Synthetic 5w40
GP3 Anti Freeze
HGD 46
Hydra 32 20 L
Hydra 32 25L
Hydralic 100 Oil
Hydraulic 100
Hydraulic VG32
ISO 46
Lithium Complex
MD4 Penetrating Fluid
Multipurpose EP00 Fluid Grease
MultiPurpose EP00
New Safety Tread 36L
Q8 Auto 14
Quartz 9000
Quartz 9000 5w30
Rubia 8900
Rubia S 20w20
Rubia S30
SAE 20
Solvent Degreaser
Specis CL
Super Dot 4 Brake and Clutch
Tellus TD 46
Zuta 68 Hydraulic

Please call 0117 952 5625 and ask for Angela with any enquiries

46 - Brake & Clutch Cleaner
46 - Brake & Clutch Cleaner
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