HL Training at Castle Coombe Track Day 26th June 2015

Castle Coombe is one of the UKs best tracks for bikers to experience riding a bike, as it was designed and intended to. With the UKs roads being too dangerous do ride a bike the way it should be, a track day experience is a must for our most qualified instructor Vince Hueston Junior.

Participating in a track day ensures Vince can experience motorcyclists at their best, without interuption from pedestrians, speed cameras, traffic lights and other daily obstables usual road users may experience. The track day started at 9am, and had 10 minute sessions every hours until 5pm, with a maximum of 12 bikes per session.

Below we have a picture of Vinces Suzuki GSXR 600 along with his wrapped HL Training Ford Transit van. We will have more pictures once they are released by the Castle Coombe photographer for purchasing.

Suzuki GSXR 600 and wrapped Ford Transit