Theory Test Papers (3 Question Sets)


Theory Test Questions sets – three question papers of selected category per set.

If you are unsure which set you require, please contact the office BEFORE ORDERING. Once the order is placed, there is a VERY limited window before we can stop production. In the event that the order is already processed, any orders will NOT be able to be refunded.

A download link or email will be sent within 5 working days of purchase. If you require this as an urgent matter, please email [email protected] once the order if placed to have this processed sooner. Please click LOCAL PICKUP if you are after Download Only. By Picking the Flat Rate shipping these will be printed and posted to your designated address ONLY.



Theory Test Questions sets – three question papers per set.


A1 – Pedestrian Pallet Truck
A2 – Rider Pallet Truck
Z1 – Manual Pallet Truck
Z2 – Manual Platform Truck


A3 – Counterbalance Lift Truck
A4 – Rider Pallet Stacker
A5 – Pallet stackers
A6 – Straddle trucks
A7 – Reach truck
Z3 – Pallet stacker
Z4 – Straddle truck


B1 – Counterbalance lift truck up to and including 5 tonne
B2 – Counterbalance lift truck over 5 tonne- up to and including 15 tonne
B3 – Counterbalance lift truck over 15 tonne
B4 – Stand-on Counterbalance

D1 – Reach and straddle truck 3m to 8m lift height
D2 – Reach and straddle truck over 8m lift height
D3 – Stand on Reach trucks


C1 – Sideloader up to and including 5 tonne
C2 – Sideloader over 5 tonne- up to and including 15 tonne
C3 – Sideloader over 15 tonne


E1 – Medium Level Order Picker
E2 – High Level Order Picker


F1 – VNA Operator Up
F1 – VNA Operator Down


H1 – Tow Tractor and Trailer
H2 – Pedestrian Tow Tractor
H3 – Tow Tractor over 30,000kg Draw Bar Pull


J2 – Rough Terrain Variable Reach Lift Trucks (Up To 9m Lift)

J3 – Rough Terrain High Lift Telescopic Trucks (Above 9m Lift)
J4 – Industrial Variable Reach Lift Truck (Up To 9m Lift)
J5 – Industrial Variable Reach Lift Truck (Above 9m Lift)


P1 – Pivot steer trucks
P2 – Pedestrian Pivot Steer


3A – Scissor Lift
3B – Boom Lift
1A – Static Vertical
1B – Static Boom


Lorry Loader / HIAB


Slinger Singaller


Wheeled & Tracked Excavator 360 above & below 10 ton


Wheeled & Tracked Forward Tipping Dumper

If there is something missing from this list you would be interested in, please contact the office and we will see we can accomodate.

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Theory Question Sets

TPS-A1A2Z1Z2, TPS-A3toA7Z3Z4, TPS-B, TPS-D, TPS-C, TPS-E, TPS-F, TPS-H, TPS-J2toJ4, TPS-P, TPS-MEWPS, TPS-LorryLoader, TPS-Sling, TPS-360, TPS-Dumper

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