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HL Training Services have an extensive library of course materials and training aids (publications) available to purchase for the following courses.Our clients, in house and independent trainers find this service invaluable for delivering courses.

Please see our inventory below, and place you order. All prices do not include postage. Alternatively, you can pick your items up from our premises in Barton Hill, Bristol.

8GB USB Stick Lanyard
HLTS USB 8GB Lanyard
Our USB offers the ultimate in convenience by integrating a USB Flash Drive with the familiar lanyard neck strap. This makes it ideal for using as an instructors badge, as you can place your badge in the plastic holder, and have all your training materials saved to the 8GB USB stick.
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HL Training Screwdriver Pen
HLTraining Pen Screwdriver
The Ultratuff Multi screwdriver fits 8 screwdriver bits, 4 phillips and 4 slotted screwdrivers into one compact package. Just slide the bit into magnetic nose cone and you have got the right tool for a wide variety of fix-it jobs. Available in your choice of colors, the Ultratuff Multi-bit screwdriver is a tool you can count on.
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HL Training Abrasive Wheels Manual
Abrasive Wheels Manual
Training manual used with our Abrasive Wheels courses.
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HL Training Manual Handling Booklet
Manual Handling Booklet
Training manual used with our Manual Handling courses.
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Back Pack
Back Pack - HL Training
HL Training Services back pack with various compartments.
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Beanie Hat
Beanie Hat
HL Training Services beanie hat.
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Travel Mug
HL Training Travel Mug
HL Training Services Travel Mug.
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Pen with PDA Stylus
Pen with PDA Stylus
Pen with PDA Stylus
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Other available products in our shop
Counterbalance and Reach Forklift Truck, Telescopic Forklift Truck, HIAB (Lorry Mounted Crane), Mobile elevated work platforms, Dumper Trucks, 360 and 180.Course notes include PowerPoint presentations, practical test sheets, theory test sheets, pre-use checks, course guides and where available evaluation copies of training films.Available on CD’s, DVD’s and printed manuals.
Forklift, HIAB, MEWPS & more, training films.