Rope Escape Training

Training designed for trucks where the operator position elevates to 3000mm or more, above ground level, should be provided with a means of reaching ground level safely in the event the position of the operator positions becomes fixed in the elevated position.

At HL Training Services, we have a VNA Man-Up forklift, this is a primary example of when this training is required. The forklift can reach heights well over 3000mm, and the operator rises with the forks. This is also a course that would be ideal for MEWPS training and other Mechanical Handling Equipment.

Some of these machines are equipped with the correct rope escape system, in this case, training should be sought on the correct use of this equipment. If you are still unsure if you require this training, or simply need advice on an issue – call the office today and we can discuss these with you.

Rope Escape Training courses can be provided in 1 day, we can cater for up to 3 candidates per day and the course would cover the following topics;

• Legislation, Regulations and Guidance affecting working at height with Emergency Escape Equipment
• Exiting & descending from the cab
• Care & Maintenance of Escape equipment
• Preuse checks of Escape equipment
• Appreciation of the Working At Height Regulations 2005
• Evacuation Pack Types, Specifications & Standards
• Care & Maintenance of Escape equipment
• How to perform a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment
• How to unpack, don and attach harness and ropes

Course Assessment

• Theoretical assessment
• Practical Assessment of basic erection skills, confirming skills taught on the Emergency Rope Evacuation Escape training course