Very Narrow Aisle trucks are used for stacking loads, medium and high level order picking or in some instances both functions.

Their unique feature is their steering method. VNA trucks are normally only steered by the operator when transferring from one stacking aisle to another. Once in the aisle the trucks are automatically guided by wire or rail.

Training @ Customers Locations available on both man up and man down trucks and is tailored to cover all functions relevant to delegates’ equipment type, working environment and job role.

Our In Centre truck is Man Up and installed using a guided wire.

VNA - Very Narrow Ailse Man Up
Course Type
Operator Experience
Course Duration
Very Narrow Aisle Trucks
F1 Rider electric VNA lateral and front stacking trucks – man up
F2 Rider electric VNA lateral and front stacking trucks – man down
Multi Level Order Picker.
5 Days
3 Maximum
3 Days
3 Maximum
1 Day
3 Maximum
2 Days
3 Maximum

VNA Man-Up (Operator Up) Training Course Dates:

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