Bendi Pivot Steer Forklift Training in South Wales and the UK

Interested in Bendi forklift operator training accredited by ITSSAR?

Since the aquisition of our Flexi Forklift, training can take place at our training centre in Barton Hill Trading Estate, Bristol and will be undertaken by one of our highly qualified Bendi Forklift Instructors.

Bendi Forklifts are designed for Narrow Aisles, hence their technical name of Articulated Very Narrow Aisle Counterbalanced truck.

Bendi forklift training courses are available throughout South Wales and the remainder of the UK on customer sites, or at our Bristol Training Centre.

This course is available for:

1 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Refresher
(Course candidates have previously received adequate basic training and have appropriate documentation.
2 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Conversion
(Course candidates have previously received adequate basic training on a similar type industrial truck, and requires a conversion to pivot steer trucks)
3 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Operator
(Course candidates will have some previous experience of operating Pivot Steer (Bendi) trucks, but may not be able to provide documentary evidence of such training)
5 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Novice
(Course candidates will have NO previous experience operating such trucks)

Bendi Forklift Training
  • Course Content (Summary)
  • Introduction to the truck
  • Controls and Instruments
  • Starting, Moving & Stopping
  • Steering
  • The Hydraulic System
  • Pivot Steer Lift Truck Stability
  • Battery Care & Maintenance (if applicable)
  • Replace LPG Fuel Bottles or Recharge LPG Fuel Tanks (if applicable)
  • Weight Assessment
  • Handling Pallets and other loads
  • Driving on/off Ramps & Inclines
  • Vehicle  Loading & Unloading (if applicable)
  • Operator Safety Code

Course content is NOT limited to the above, and should be taken as a summary of the content included within the course.

Pivot Steer (Bendi) Training Course Dates:

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