Bendi Pivot Steer Forklift

Interested in Bendi operator training accredited by ITSSAR?

Since the aquisition of our Flexi Forklift, training can take place at our training centre in Barton Hill Trading Estate, Bristol and will be undertaken by one of our highly qualified Forklift Instructors.

Bendi Forklifts are designed for Narrow Aisles, hence their technical name of Articulated Very Narrow Aisle Counterbalanced truck.

Courses available throughout the UK on customer sites, or at our Bristol Training Centre.

This course is available for:
1 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Refresher
2 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Conversion
3 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Operator
5 Day Pivot Steer Forklift Novice

Pivot Steer Bendi Forklift