Mo Farah Trains at HL Training

The big news of this week is that we have Mo Farah on an experienced counterbalance forklift course. This is not a joke. We have a snap on our facebook of two trainees at our Barton Hill premises. Andy Rugman, from a Avonmouth, took a picture and posted on his Facebook – also posting onto our Facebook timeline.

In House and Accredited Forklift Instructor Training

In-House or ITSSAR Accredited Forklift Instructor Training – Week Commencing 13th April 2015

Do you need candidates trained on a variety of mean, to use either at a specific site – or nationally?

We are running both an In-House and an ITSSAR Accredited forklift instructor course NEXT WEEK. We have very limited spaces available, so if you are interested – contact us TODAY so we can book you in.  
Forklift Instructor Training
The forklift instructors course is based on instructing on a counterbalance forklift truck and a basic operator certificate is required, however if you currently hold a basic operator certificate for another machine, such as reach truck, you can undertake the counterbalance course to qualify.

Do I need In-House or ITSSAR Accredited Instructor Training?

Non accredited In House Forklift Instructor training is for candidates who are required to complete training of company employees and issue in house certificates. Candidates will become responsible for conducting in-house training and skills assessments.

ITSSAR Accredited Forklift Instructor Training is aimed at candidates who are employed by a single ITSSAR Accredited organistation. ITSSAR Accredited Instructors can also deliver In-House training as mentioned above.

If you are still unsure which course best suits you, or your companies needs, please contact us for more information on 0117 952 5625 or via social media.

Telescopic Forklift Training – 27th April – 1st May 2015

We are looking at running a Telescopic forklift course, and have provisionally set for 27th April – 1st May 2015 as the dates where the course will run. The course content for this course is outlines below, and will be accreddited by ITSSAR.

Current Legislation – (HASAWA 1974 / PUWER 1998 / LOLER 1998 / ACOP L117)
Delegates issued with an operators handbook
Operator safety video(s) – (Correct approach – Electricity on site)
Pre Use Checks & Maintenance (Record Keeping and Reporting)
Introduction to the machine and it’s controls
Starting / Stopping
Observational Techniques
Basic Steering & Steering in Confined Spaces
Approaching a Load to Pick Up & Place
Bulk Stacking
Loading & Unloading a Vehicle
Place & Retrieve a Load, Low level – Eye Level – High Level
Theoretical Test
Practical Test

This course is suitable for delegates who are required to safely operate a telescopic lift truck within the scope of any working activity they are employed to carry out.

Course duration

Novice(No or little experienced)
Up to 3 delegates over 5 days

Exisiting / Experienced(Confident with the use of a telescopic forklift, understands all of the controls & gauges)
Up to 3 delegates over 3 days

Refresher(Copy of current/expired certificate required)
Up to 3 delegates over 1 day